How to

How to move Winamp playlist entries fast to the begining or the end of the list when having a long playlist

Selecting the Winamp entries:
1. Click on one entry in the list that you want to move.
2. If you want to move several entries, you can select them in one of the following ways:
– to select a block of entries starting with the entry chosen at step 1 (onwards/backwards from that entry):
SHIFT + left mouse button click on the last entry to be moved
SHIFT + up/down arrow
– to select non consecutive entries including the entry chosen at step 1: CTRL + left mouse button click on every other entry to be moved.

Moving the selected entries to the begining/end of the Winamp playlist:
1. Left mouse button click and hold on one of the selected entries and press HOME/END key on the keyboard so that you end up on the first/last page of the playlist. Don’t release the mouse button!
2. Drag the selection with the mouse to the very begining/end of the playlist.

Enjoy your audition!